Classified 高度機密

National Geographic Channel investigates how America captures foreign and domestic criminals


  The United States is a leading economic, political, and cultural force in the world. In other words, it is a superpower1, and to keep the country running smoothly, powerful law enforcement agencies2 are needed. In the US, the three big ones are the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secret Service. A lot of what they do is top secret, but National Geographic Channel brings you a rare, behind-the-scenes look in its series, "Classified3."

  The CIA is primarily responsible for collecting intelligence about foreign governments, corporations4, and individuals. The information is then used to advise US policymakers5 in regard to national security. In the episodes focusing on the CIA, NGC follows agents as they try to track down and capture some of the world's most wanted6 terrorists.

  America's war on terror became top priority after the 911 attacks. It is the FBI's job to protect and defend the US, especially within its borders. "Classified" brings you an elite team of FBI agents investigating possible terrorists, some of whom have ties to Al Qaeda, living on American soil.

Building Your Vocabulary

  1. leading a. 領導性的;主要的
    The leading electronics company is trying to get into telecommunications.
  2. force n.(對事件發展、人類生活或思維方式等具有影響力的)力量
    In many countries, men are still the dominant force in society.
  3. primarily adv. 主要地
    The fashion magazine is primarily targeted at teens.
  4. advise vt. 勸告;建議
    The doctor advised Connie to stay in the hospital for observation.
  5. priority n. 優先考慮的事
    Ed's priority is to find a job that uses his creativity.
  6. elite a. 精英的,最優秀的
    The military sent out an elite group of soldiers to rescue the hostage.
  7. tie n.(人們、國家、團體之間的)關係,聯繫
    There are close economic ties between Taiwan and Japan.

Extra Words

  1. superpower n. 超級大國,超級強權
  2. law enforcement agency n. 執法機關
    enforcement n. 執行,實施
  3. classified a.(情報、文件等)機密的
  4. corporation n. 大型公司,企業集團
  5. policymaker n. 政策制定者
  6. wanted a. 被通緝的
Phrases for Learning

  1. * in/with regard to...  關於……
    With regard to our honeymoon destination, I would prefer to go to a tropical island.




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