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  When most people hear about a hearing aid1 or a set of false teeth, they think about their health. Also, when they hear about a Hawaiian volcano2 or the Tower Bridge in London, travel automatically comes to mind. How about Russian submarines3, stealth aircrafts4, or World War II bomber5 planes? Of course, one can't help but think of military vehicles. Believe it or not, all of those mentioned above are related to buildings. How? You may ask.

  In National Geographic Channel's Engineering Connections 2, Richard Hammond takes the audience behind the scenes of six of the world's modern structures. He reveals how some special ideas and unusual tools were connected with the designs of the Hong Kong International Airport, Sydney Opera House6, and Wembley Stadium to name a few.

  Built in the late 1990s, the Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest international airports in the world. It was just a stretch of water before engineers found a way to build an artificial island. What's more, the airport's design is connected with a World War II bomber plane and a brass band7.






  1. automatically adv. 自動地
    The lid of this trash can automatically open.

  2. connection n. 關聯,關係
    There are close trade connections between these two countries.

  3. reveal vt. 揭露,透露
    Jenny insisted on not revealing her secrets.

  4. unusual a. 獨特的;不尋常的
    This exotic fruit has a very unusual flavor.

  5. stretch n. 一片水域/地域 & vi. 延伸
    I saw a great stretch of flowers over there.

  6. artificial a. 人工的,人造的
    This jacket is made of artificial fibers.


  1. come/spring to mind  突然想到,猛然想起
    Your name sprang to mind when I needed someone to talk to.

  2. behind the scenes  在幕後;秘密地
    Many business deals are made behind the scenes.


  1. hearing aid n. 助聽器
  2. volcano n. 火山
  3. submarine n. 潛水艇
  4. stealth aircraft n. 隱形戰機
  5. bomber n. 轟炸機(本文中作形容詞用)
  6. opera house n. 歌劇院
  7. brass band n. 銅管樂隊


What's more, the airport's design...
What's more, 主詞 + 動詞  此外/而且……
= Furthermore, 主詞 + 動詞
= Moreover, 主詞 + 動詞
"What's more, 主詞 + 動詞"原為"What's more is that + 主詞 + 動詞",但由於經常使用,故化簡為"What's more, 主詞 + 動詞"。
My teacher is knowledgeable. What's more, she is very patient with students.
= My teacher is knowledgeable. Moreover, she is very patient with students.

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