A new trend is letting people fly indoors.

  Indoor skydiving, which uses vertical wind tunnels, has started popping up all over the world. Originally used for research, these wind tunnels are now used in a new extreme sport. Indoor skydiving lets people experience the excitement of flying through the air without ever leaping out of an airplane.
  A vertical wind tunnel uses a very strong fan to blow air straight up inside a small, tube-shaped room. The fan blows so strongly that it can lift a person into the air like they are flying. However, there is no need for parachutes here. The room has nets on the floor and a ceiling to keep people safe in case something goes wrong. Floating in the air in a wind tunnel is similar to what skydivers feel as they fall to earth but is much safer.
  Anyone can try indoor skydiving after just a little training. People who would not be able to go skydiving — like the elderly or disabled — can still feel what it's like to fly. It has even become a competitive sport. Experts perform amazing tricks, either alone or in teams. Videos of these performances often appear online, which has made indoor skydiving more popular than ever before.

Words & Phrases

  1. trend n. 趨勢,潮流
    This trend has caught on quickly, but it will probably be out of style in a few months.
  2. tunnel n. 洞穴;隧道
    You shouldn't give up because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. pop up  突然出現∕發生
    It seems that a new 7-Eleven pops up every few days.
    好像每幾天就會有一家新的 7-Eleven 開張。
  4. originally adv. 原本,最初
    The town was originally quite small.
  5. research n. 研究(不可數)
    The students spent two weeks doing research on their classmates' music tastes.
  6. leap vi. 跳躍(三態為:leap, leaped / leapt, leaped / leapt)
    Henry leapt for joy upon hearing the good news.
  7. the elderly n. 老年人
    elderly a. 年長的
    This software was designed to help the elderly learn how to type.
  8. competitive a. 具競爭性的;競爭激烈的
    In a competitive society, it pays to learn a second language.

vertical a. 垂直的
parachute n. 降落傘
the disabled n. 行動不便者
disabled a. 殘障的

  任何人在經過一點訓練後都可以嘗試室內跳傘。無法去跳傘的人 ── 像是老人或身障者 ── 仍可體驗飛翔是什麼滋味。它甚至變成一項競賽運動。許多專家會表演精彩特技,有單人特技也有組隊表演。這些表演的影片常出現在網路上,因而使室內跳傘比以前更加受歡迎。



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