There is a special work of architecture you wouldn't expect to see in downtown Toronto.

  Casa Loma's name means house on the hill, but calling it a house doesn't seem accurate. The three main buildings—Casa Loma, the Hunting Lodge, and the stables—are connected by tunnels that run under the huge property. Together, all the buildings on the property take up more than 6,000 square meters, and the tower _(1)_ to Casa Loma is seven stories tall.
  The original owner of Casa Loma was Sir Henry Pellatt, a wealthy businessman from the early 1900s. Sir Henry established a number of successful companies, including railways and an electric company. His accomplishments even _(2)_ him a knighthood from the King of England. To celebrate his great success, Sir Henry built Casa Loma. _(3)_ began in 1911, and it took 300 workers three years to finish it.
  Unfortunately for Sir Henry, his businesses did not make enough money to maintain _(4)_ of his huge home. In the 1920s, he fell on hard times and made some bad investment decisions. He and his wife, Lady Pellatt, left Casa Loma and the Toronto City government sold off all their other property. When Sir Henry's wife died, Toronto also _(5)_ Casa Loma.
  For years, the city of Toronto didn't know what to do with Casa Loma, and for some time it operated as a luxury hotel. During World War II, the government _(6)_ secret research in the empty castle. Now, Casa Loma is a tourist attraction and museum. Its beautiful, old buildings are popular spots for wedding ceremonies and special events, and several crews have _(7)_ it to use as a film set. Though it isn't as old as many European castles, Casa Loma has a rich history all its own.
1. (A) attaching   (B) attaches   (C) is attached  (D) attached
2. (A) owed    (B) awarded   (C) earned   (D) assigned
3. (A) Construction (B) Consumption (C) Conservation (D) Compensation
4. (A) dignity   (B) milestone (C) likelihood   (D) ownership
5. (A) put up with  (B) took control of (C) cut down on (D) had faith in
6. (A) made   (B) conducted   (C) produced   (D) went
7. (A) bet   (B) set   (C) put   (D) fit

1. Together, all the buildings on the property take up more than 6,000 square meters, and the tower attached to Casa Loma is seven stories tall.

a. 原句實為:"... and the tower which is attached to Casa Loma is seven stories tall.",此處省略關係代名詞 which,其後 be 動詞 is 化為現在分詞 being 後予以省略,即成 "attached to Casa Loma"。
The house (which was) designed by the architect is spectacular.
*spectacular a. 壯觀的
b. 根據上述,(D) 項應為正選。

2. His accomplishments even earned him a knighthood from the King of England.

a. (A) owe vt. 欠(錢、債等)
: owe sb sth  欠某人某物
You still owe me NT$1,000 even though you seem to have forgotten it.
(B) award vt. 給予,授與
: award sb sth  頒發某人某物
The boss awarded Mark the employee-of-the-year certificate.
*certificate n. 證書;證明
(C) earn vt. 取得,獲得(學位)
: earn sb sth  為某人贏得某物
Hank's brave act earned him the respect of the whole town.
(D) assign vt. 指派,分配
: assign sb sth  分配某人某事
My boss assigned me the difficult task of finding new suppliers in India.
*supplier n. 供應商
b. 根據語意,(C) 項應為正選。

3. Construction began in 1911, and it took 300 workers three years to finish it.
工程始於 1911 年,由三百名工人歷時三年的時間完成。

a. (A) construction n. 工程,建造
: under construction  在興建中
The building is under construction and will not be finished until early next year.
(B) consumption n. 消耗;消費
This car's fuel consumption is very low.
*fuel n. 燃料
(C) conservation n. 保育;保護
The international conservation group condemned the fishermen for killing endangered animals.
*condemn vt. 譴責
(D) compensation n. 補償
The union is seeking compensation for the injured workers.
b. 根據語意,(A) 項應為正選。

4. Unfortunately for Sir Henry, his businesses did not make enough money to maintain ownership of his huge home.

a. (A) dignity n. 尊嚴
Tim has no dignity when it comes to money.
*when it comes to...  談到∕提及……
(B) milestone n. 里程碑
The day Rose became a mother marked a major milestone in her life.
(C) likelihood n. 可能性
Statistically, the likelihood of dying in a plane crash is very small.
*statistically adv. 統計上
(D) ownership n. 所有權
The two families fought over the ownership of the land.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

5. When Sir Henry's wife died, Toronto also took control of Casa Loma.

a. (A) put up with...  容忍……
: tolerate vt.
= stand vt.
I cannot put up with your attitude. It is very annoying.
(B) take control of...  掌控……
Are you brave enough to take control of your own life and change your destiny?
(C) cut down on...   減少……(的量)
We use both sides of the paper in our copy machines to cut down on waste.
(D) have faith in...  對……有信心
: have confidence / trust in...
You should have faith in me and know that I won't let you down.
b. 根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。

6. During World War II, the government conducted secret research in the empty castle.

a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
conduct research  做研究
: carry out / do research
conduct vt. 進行(研究、調查等)
Scientists have conducted extensive research into alternative energy sources.
*extensive a. 廣泛的;大量的
alternative a. 可替代的
b.根據上述用法,(B) 項應為正選。

7. Its beautiful, old buildings are popular spots for wedding ceremonies and special events, and several crews have put it to use as a film set.

a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
put... to (good) use  (善加)利用……
Jake put his drawing skills to use and finished the poster ahead of schedule.
*ahead of schedule  比預定時間提前
b.根據上述用法,(C) 項應為正選。

  1. accurate a. 貼切的;準確的
    : inaccurate a. 不精準的
    This device should enable scientists to be more accurate in predicting earthquakes.
    If anything in a column is inaccurate, it must be corrected in the newspaper within a week.
  2. property n. 房產;財產;特性
    Insiders said the current price for ordinary property is still too high, and far beyond the standard.
    *insider n. 知悉內情者;圈內人
    We will sue that company for violating our intellectual property rights.
    The scientists compared the physical properties of the two substances.
    *substance n. 物質
  3. story n. 樓層;故事
    : a building of 10 stories  十層樓高的建築
    = a 10-story building
  4. establish vt. 創辦,建立
    The brand was established some 50 years ago.
    *some + 數字  大約若干……
  5. accomplishment n. 成就
    : accomplish vt. 達成,完成
    Helping others gives Christine a sense of accomplishment.
    Only by working hard can you accomplish your goals.
  6. maintain vt. 維持,維護
    : maintenance n. 保養;維持
    Jerry's 10-year-old scooter is well maintained and still runs like new.
    Proper maintenance is necessary to keep a vehicle running.
  7. investment n. 投資
    : make an investment in... 投資……
    Sean lost a lot of money by making a poor investment in that lousy company.
    *lousy a. 差勁的
  8. luxury n. 奢侈(不可數)
    : luxurious a. 豪華的,奢侈的
    I can do without luxury goods, but I cannot do without books.
    *do without...  沒有……
    Ray bought a luxurious mansion for his parents after he made a fortune investing in real estate.
    *real estate n. 房地產
  9. ceremony n. 典禮
    : a wedding / graduation ceremony  婚禮∕畢業典禮
  10. crew n. 全體工作人員(集合名詞,不可數)
    : a crew of + 數字  幾位工作人員
    We have a crew of 15 on our plane.
    = We have 15 crew members on our plane.

lodge n. 小屋,小舍
stable n. 馬廄,馬房
railway n. 鐵路
knighthood n.(英國)爵士封號
: Dame n. 女爵士(英國榮譽頭銜)

1. take up...  占用……(空間或時間)
We should not buy this table because it takes up too much space.

2. a number of + 複數名詞  若干……
比較 an amount of + 不可數名詞  若干量……
Phil has owned a number of cars over the years, and he got all of them from the same used car dealership.
Only a small amount of this drug is needed for the treatment of the disease.

3. fall on hard times  遭遇不幸,倒楣
Edward fell on hard times after the divorce left him penniless.
*penniless a. 身無分文的

4. sell off... / sell... off  將……廉價賣出
The farmer was down on his luck and had to sell off some of his machinery.
*down on one's luck  某人時運不濟∕落魄的

多倫多瑰寶 卡薩羅馬

  卡薩羅馬城堡的原主人為二十世紀初的富商亨利․佩雷特爵士。亨利爵士創立了許多成功的企業,其中包括鐵路及電力公司。他的成就甚至為自己贏得英國國王授與爵士爵位。為了慶祝自己的事業大獲成功,亨利․佩雷特爵士建造了卡薩羅馬城堡。工程始於 1911 年,由三百名工人歷時三年的時間完成。
  不幸的是,就亨利爵士而言,他的企業無法掙得足夠的錢以維持個人龐大家園的所有權。1920 年代,他陷入困境,且做出一些不當的投資決定。他和他的妻子佩雷特夫人離開了卡薩羅馬城堡,而多倫多市政府便賣掉他們所有其他的地產。亨利爵士的妻子去世時,多倫多市政府還接手了卡薩羅馬城堡的管理權。
答案: 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. B 6. B 7. C


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