One teenager's invention could become the world's next big success story.

    Taylor Rosenthal is not your typical teenager since he spends his time negotiating million-dollar business deals. This 14-year-old boy from Alabama had an idea for a new kind of vending machine. Rather than selling candy or soda, it would give out first-aid materials. Now, Rosenthal's idea could make him one of the world's newest multi-millionaires.
    The idea came to Rosenthal when he was at a baseball tournament. He noticed that many of the players got minor injuries. His first thought was to set up a small stand to sell medical supplies, but he realized it would cost too much to pay someone to sit there. Thus, the RecMed vending machine was born. He made a prototype in 2015 and quickly raised a hundred thousand dollars from investors. This would be an amazing accomplishment on its own, but he wasn't done yet.
    Last year, Rosenthal tried to sell his vending machines at amusement parks and stadiums. Seeing the possibilities, one business offered him US$30 million for the idea. Amazingly, Rosenthal turned it down because he was looking for something in the neighborhood of US$50 million, and not a penny less. This young man is shaping up to be the next business icon.

  1. invention n. 發明(物)
    Many great inventions were made in the 20th century.
  2. typical a. 典型的
    This mountain scenery is typical of South America.
  3. give out sth∕give sth out  放出……;分發……
    Carrie helps give out food to homeless people every week.
  4. minor a. 輕微的;較小的
    Vincent thought he was very healthy, until he suffered a minor heart attack.
  5. injury n.(身體上的)傷
    Ella's back injury resulted from a bike accident.
  6. accomplishment n. 成就
    The first landing on the moon was a great accomplishment for mankind.
  7. amazingly adv. 令人驚訝地
    Amazingly, nobody was hurt in the fire.
  8. shape up to be sth  逐漸發展為某物
    Dad's company is shaping up to be a pretty big business.

boardroom n.(董事會的)會議室
first-aid a. 急救(用)的
tournament n. 錦標賽
prototype n.(新型汽車和機器等的)原型,雛型
investor n. 投資者

   羅森塔爾是在一場棒球錦標賽中想出了這個點子。他注意到有許多的球員會受到輕傷。他的第一個想法是設立一個小型醫療用品銷售站,但他意識到那會花費太多錢來請人顧店。因此,RecMed 自動販賣機誕生了。他在 2015 年做出了一個原型,並迅速地從投資者那裡募集到十萬美元。這是一項驚人的成就,但他並沒有因此停歇。



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