These days, it seems almost everyone has at least one fidget spinner.

   Forget stress balls or Rubik's Cubes to quiet your restless fingers—fidget spinners are here. These handheld toys are used to ease stress. They are also supposed to help kids with ADHD or other learning disabilities to focus.
   The fidget spinner was developed in 1997 by Catherine Hettinger. However, she was unable to find any toy companies to help her market the toy. She gave up, and her rights to the toy ended in 2005. Therefore, Hettinger has not made any money from the recent success of her creation.
   Fidget spinners are one of the most popular toys of 2017. Everyone in school seems to have one. In some schools, students are not allowed to have these toys because instead of paying attention in class, they are playing with these small toys. It seems strange that spinners are supposed to help kids to focus, but many teachers claim that they are actually causing students to pay less attention in the classroom.
   Fidget spinners have become so popular that videos of people performing tricks with them have gotten millions of views on YouTube. If you are stressed out at work or school, you should get a fidget spinner to pass the time.

  1. at least  至少
    If you don't feel like eating anything, at least try some soup.
  2. restless a. 停不下來的,無休止的;不安的
    My cat became restless when the visitor entered the room.
  3. be supposed to V  應該……
    You are supposed to work overtime today.
  4. market vt. 推銷
    The company marketed the new diet soda to people wanting to stay in shape.
  5. creation n. 創作品(可數)
    The designer is very picky about the materials he uses in his creations.
  6. claim vt. 宣稱
    Jill claimed that her tips on memorizing vocabulary words would work like magic.
    * memorize vt. 背熟;記住
  7. trick n. 把戲
    The clown skillfully performed trick after trick.
  8. be stressed out  壓力很大的
    Jack is stressed out because he has too much work to do.

                把能安定你那動不停手指的壓力球或魔術方塊忘記吧 ── 指尖陀螺來了。這種掌上型玩具被用來減壓。它也用來幫助患有注意力不足過動症或其他學習障礙的孩童保持專注。
   指尖陀螺是由凱瑟琳‧海婷格於 1997 年開發出來的。然而,她卻找不到幫她推銷的玩具公司。她放棄了,而這個玩具的專利在 2005 年失效。因此,海婷格並沒有在她近期熱銷的發明中獲利。
   指尖陀螺是 2017 年最受歡迎的玩具之一。學校裡的每個學生似乎都有一個。在一些學校裡,學生不被允許持有這個玩具,因為他們會玩這個小玩具而不專注在課堂上。這似乎有點奇怪,指尖陀螺應該是幫助孩童保持專注,但很多老師宣稱它其實會造成學生在課堂上分心。
   指尖陀螺變得如此受歡迎,因而 YouTube 上人們用它表演伎倆的影片已有數百萬的觀看次數。如果你工作或上學時感到壓力很大,就玩玩指尖陀螺來消磨時間吧。 



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