Getting to know the next generation of library design.

  As the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Even though the outside of the Stuttgart City Library in Germany looks like a boring, giant cube, the inside is beautiful, and it is filled with more than enough information and entertainment to last a lifetime. Designed by Yi Architects from South Korea, the building itself was the product of a bid among international architects to win the contract from the city of Stuttgart. Construction cost 80 million euros over the course of three years on what is being hailed as a "new intellectual and cultural center."
  The library opened its doors in 2011, and the nine-story cubic structure makes incredible use of the space inside. A glass ceiling lets in natural light for the patrons to browse the stacks of books, artwork, CDs, DVDs and the rest of the half million items that can be taken home or downloaded digitally. Library card holders can enjoy the innovative convenience of technology that makes checking out materials easier than ever before.
  For those readers who need to get in and out quickly, the library has automatic, 24-hour check-out and return systems in place using a computer chip that tracks when the book is in the building and when it has been checked out. After an item has been returned, their high-tech sorting facility makes sure it gets back to the shelf in a timely manner using intelligent shelving. Self-steering trolleys bring books and other items back to their spot on the shelf for the next curious person to find, check out, and enjoy. Visitors who sign up for library passes can take advantage of a short-range computer chip for overdue payment. The future of libraries is upon us!

1. When did construction on the Stuttgart City Library begin?
(A) Last year.
(B) 2008.
(C) 2011.
(D) 80 years ago.

2. According to the passage, what is NOT something you would find at the Stuttgart City Library?
(A) Shelves for sale.
(B) Prints of famous artwork.
(C) A documentary about Germany.
(D) A book about architecture.

3. How does the library keep track of which materials are checked out?
(A) By keeping a list at the front desk.
(B) By sending people to write down the number of each book.
(C) Using South Korean technology.
(D) Using a computer chip.

4. What happens to an item after it is returned to the Stuttgart City Library?
(A) A librarian puts it back on the shelf by hand.
(B) Patrons must pay for using it.
(C) They can never check it out again.
(D) It is put into the automated shelving system.

1. bid n. 出價(或投標)的機會 & vt.(在拍賣中)出價 & vi. 競標(三態為:bid, bade, bidden。亦有人三態均採 bid 一字。)
Our firm won the bid for the engineering project.
A foreign collector bid US$5,000 for an antique vase at the auction.
*antique a. 古董的
 auction n. 拍賣(會)
Another company is now bidding against us for the contract.

2. contract n. 合約 & vt. 感染(疾病)
: sign a contract  簽署一份合約
The singer signed a contract with the record company last week.
*record n. 唱片;紀錄
My sister's baby contracted the measles.
*measles n. 麻疹(恆用複數)

3. hail vt. 稱頌;歡呼
: hail A as B  將 A 譽為∕稱頌為 B
After the end of the war, the politician was hailed as a great peacemaker.

4. incredible a. 驚人的,難以置信的
This new sports car moves at an incredible speed.

5. browse vi. 瀏覽
: browse through...  (隨意)翻閱∕瀏覽……
= leaf / flip / thumb through...
Kelly browsed through a magazine while waiting for her doctor's appointment.
*appointment n. 預約,約定

6. stack n. 一疊;一堆 & vt. 堆放
: a stack of...  一疊……;一堆……
A stack of files awaited me on my desk.
*await vt. 等待
Since Iris didn't have a bookshelf, she stacked her books next to her bed.

7. digitally adv. 數位地
Judy digitally copied all of her records, so she could listen to them on her cellphone.

8. innovative a. 創新的
The manager has come up with an innovative
way to cut costs.

9. automatic a. 自動的
We went to the automatic car wash yesterday.

10. track vt. 追蹤,跟蹤 & n. 跑道,賽道
The hunters tracked the wounded deer by following its blood trail.
*trail n. 足跡
The school's playing field has a running
track around it.

11. sort vt. 把……分類(本文為現在分詞作形容詞用)
Emily sorted her documents into two piles.

12. facility n.(機器等的)特別裝置;

13. overdue a. 逾期的;延誤∕遲的
The library books sitting on the kitchen table all this time are overdue.

簡約沉著美 ―― 「智慧」殿堂
  該圖書館於 2011 年對外開放,九層立方結構讓室內空間得到最極致的運用。從玻璃天花板灑下的自然採光讓訪客瀏覽大量的書籍、藝術作品、唱片、影音光碟以及可以帶回家或數位下載的其他五十萬件館藏物。圖書館會員可以享受創新的便利科技,這使得外借書籍影音變得比以往容易許多。


1. 斯圖加特市立圖書館的建造工程何時開始?
(A) 去年。
(B) 2008 年。
(C) 2011 年。
(D) 八十年前。
題解:根據本文第一段及第二段,該圖書館花了三年的時間建造並於 2011 年對外開放,故 (B) 項應為正選。

2. 根據本文,什麼東西是你在斯圖加特市立圖書館裡找不到的?
(A) 待售的書架。
(B) 著名藝術品的複製品。
(C) 關於德國的紀錄片。
(D) 關於建築的書籍。
題解:根據本文第二段,從玻璃天花板灑下的自然採光讓訪客瀏覽大量的書籍、藝術作品、唱片、影音光碟以及可以帶回家或數位下載的其他五十萬件館藏物,僅 (A) 項未被提及,故為正選。

3. 該圖書館如何追蹤哪些館藏被外借了?
(A) 藉由在服務檯留下名單。
(B) 透過派人寫下每本書的編號。
(C) 利用南韓的技術。
(D) 利用電腦晶片。
題解:根據本文最後一段,對於那些必須迅速進出圖書館的讀者來說,該館擁有二十四小時自動借還書分類系統,此系統使用能追蹤書籍何時存放在圖書館中以及何時被借出館的電腦晶片,故 (D) 項應為正選。

4. 館藏物歸還給斯圖加特市圖書館後會發生什麼事?
(A) 圖書館員親手將其放回書架上。
(B) 訪客必須支付使用費。
(C) 它們再也不能出借。
(D) 它被放入自動化的書籍分類系統。
題解:根據本文最後一段,館藏歸還後,該圖書館的高科技分類裝置以智能的方式確保歸還物都及時歸架,故 (D) 項應為正選。

答案:1. B 2. A 3. D 4. D



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