Recycling coffee cups just got easier in London.

   Walking around London is always great because there are so many sights to see. Recently, though, visitors have noticed large, bright yellow garbage cans that are made to look like coffee cups popping up everywhere. Many people were wondering why. In April of this year, the city started the Square Mile Challenge with the hopes of recycling five million coffee cups by the end of 2017. In the UK each day, nearly seven million coffee cups are thrown away and less than 1% of those are recycled. More than 100 cafes and organizations are now helping London collect coffee cups, no matter where they were bought.
   A recent study found that three things help people recycle. People are encouraged to recycle if they can save money, choose something reusable, or if labels remind them to do it. In one cafe, all three of these reminders increased recycling by 15%. The Square Mile Challenge hopes that by having all the recycling stations around on the streets, people will be more likely to put their cups in the proper bins. That way, the recycling rate will improve, and coffee drinkers can rest easy knowing that the Earth will be a better place.

  1. challenge n. 挑戰
    Many challenges await you in the future.
  2. pop up  冒出來,突然出現
    Once I solved one problem, another would pop up immediately.
    * immediately adv. 立即;直接地
  3. organization n. 機構
    Many organizations across the country helped to raise money for the earthquake victims.
  4. collect vt. 收集
    Ted likes to collect all kinds of stickers.
  5. be encouraged to V  被鼓勵(做)……
    Because of her great grades, Alice was encouraged to apply to Harvard University.
  6. reusable a. 可重複使用的
    Choosing reusable products is the simplest way to save the planet.
  7. increase vt. 增加
    We should make good use of our free time and increase our knowledge by reading.
  8. improve vi. & vt. 改善,(使)進步
    The new courses have had an effect on Anna because her Chinese is improving.

            漫步在倫敦總是很享受,因為有很多景點可以看。不過最近,遊客都注意到各處出現做得看起來像咖啡杯的巨大亮黃色垃圾桶。很多人都想知道為什麼。今年四月,這座城市展開一項名為 Square Mile Challenge 的活動,希望在今年年底能回收到五百萬個咖啡杯。全英國一天之中,將近有七百萬個咖啡杯被丟棄,但其中回收的不到 1%。現在有超過一百家咖啡店和機構正幫助倫敦收集咖啡杯,無論咖啡是在何處購買的。
  一個最新的研究發現有三個要素能幫助人們回收。在能省錢的情況下、能選擇可重複使用的物品或有提醒他們回收的標籤時,人們就有回收的誘因。在一家咖啡店,這三項提示使回收率升高 15%。Square Mile Challenge 希望藉著在各個街道上設立回收站,人們將會把咖啡杯丟進適當的箱子裡。這樣一來,回收率便會改善,喝咖啡的人也可以放心並了解到地球會變得更好。                  




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