Follow one dog on her struggle to survive in the African wilderness.


   The Okavango Delta in Botswana, a country in southern Africa, is a natural paradise. It is the perfect place to live for large numbers of predators, including lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals, African wild dogs, and more. Competition between these dangerous animals is brutal. Once there were huge packs of African wild dogs living in the delta on Mombo Island. Thanks to competition from the other predators, however, all but one of the wild dogs left the area. The last wild dog is named Solo, and she is the star of National Geographic's A Wild Dog's Tale.
   For six months after the other wild dogs left, Solo hunted by herself and avoided other predators. African wild dogs are born to work as a pack, so it is amazing that she survived for months all alone. After a while, something surprising happened—Solo began making friends with the other predators in the area. She even raised some jackal pups as her own. Now, a new pack of African wild dogs has appeared in the delta, and Solo must choose to stay with her adopted family or return to her own kind. Tune in to National Geographic's A Wild Dog's Tale this month to find out how Solo's story ends.

  1. a pack of...  一群……(人、獵狗、野獸等)
    The class was like a pack of wild animals once the teacher left the room.
  2. avoid vt. 避免
    The tour guide suggested that we should avoid street food if we didn't want to get sick.
  3. be born to V / be sth  天生就適合做……∕天生就是個……
    Jack believed that he was born to be a leader.
  4. all alone  十分孤單
    Sitting in the living room with the curtains drawn, Tom felt all alone.
  5. make friends with...  與……交朋友
    Everyone wants to make friends with this friendly and lovely girl.
  6. adopted a. 被領養的
    adopt vt. 收養,領養
    John and Mary have two adopted children and one of their own.

hyena n. 鬣狗,土狼
jackal n. 豺狼
brutal a. 殘忍的
pup n. 幼小的動物;幼犬

   其他野狗離開後的六個月以來,索蘿自己獵食並避開其他掠食者。非洲野狗天生成群活動,因此她能獨自生存好幾個月是很令人驚奇的。過了一陣子,令人驚訝的事發生了 ── 索蘿開始和該區的其他掠食者做朋友。她甚至把一些小豺狼當作自己的小孩養育。現在,新來的一群非洲野狗出現在三角洲了,而索蘿必須選擇留在寄養家庭或回到她的族群裡。這個月敬請鎖定國家地理《豺犬傳奇》一探索蘿故事的結局。




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