Delivery drivers have known about this for years.

  Driving can be tricky sometimes. With all of the traffic and other drivers' _(1)_ behavior, roads and highways are frequently the scenes of accidents. One thing that could make them a safer place for vehicles and pedestrians alike is prohibiting left turns in countries _(2)_ motorists drive on the right side. It might sound crazy, but drivers for United Postal Service (UPS) have known about this _(3)_ for years, and now that there are studies to back them up, other companies are following suit.
  According to research from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association, left turns are one of the most common road maneuvers that can _(4)_ a crash. Sixty-one percent of crashes while turning or crossing an intersection happen during left turns, compared to the 3.1% that involve turning right. Pedestrians are also three times more likely to die from a vehicle turning left instead of right. On top of the dangers reduced, delivery drivers _(5)_ save millions of gallons of gasoline each year by avoiding left turns altogether since they don't have to idle while waiting for traffic to pass.
  While it saves time and fuel if you have multiple destinations and are behind the wheel all day, most drivers probably wouldn't _(6)_ much from only turning right at intersections. Although the routes might be slightly longer, the complexity of _(7)_ a route with multiple stops means that it still ends up saving them time, even if it is not the shortest distance. Maybe you should consider testing the theory, but remember to drive safely and don't get lost!
1. (A) reliable  (B) available  (C) uncomfortable  (D) unpredictable
2. (A) where  (B) what  (C) who  (D) when
3. (A) issue  (B) trick  (C) expense  (D) pursuit
4. (A) stand for  (B) reflect on  (C) lead to  (D) browse through
5. (A) reportedly  (B) accidentally  (C) sincerely  (D) notoriously
6. (A) predict  (B) diagnose  (C) benefit  (D) retain
7. (A) resembling  (B) navigating  (C) terminating  (D) disapproving                                            

1. With all of the traffic and other drivers' unpredictable behavior, roads and highways are frequently the scenes of accidents.

a. (A) reliable a. 可靠的,可信賴的
Mark's stability makes him a very reliable friend.
*stability n. 穩定
(B) available a. 可買到的;可利用的
There were still some seats available in the back of the concert hall.
(C) uncomfortable a. 不舒服的
We should avoid offending others or making them feel uncomfortable.
(D) unpredictable a. 難以預測的
My sister has an unpredictable temper.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

2. One thing that could make them a safer place for vehicles and pedestrians alike is prohibiting left turns in countries where motorists drive on the right side.

1. delivery n. 運送
: deliver vt. 傳遞;遞送,投遞
There is no postal delivery on Sundays.
*postal a. 郵政的
The letter won't be delivered if you don't stick a stamp on the envelope.
*envelope n. 信封

2. tricky a. 棘手的,難處理的
I'm in a tricky situation. Whatever I do, I'll offend someone.

3. prohibit vt. 禁止
: prohibit sb from V-ing  禁止某人……
Linda prohibits her husband from smoking in the house.

4. association n. 協會;聯合
Mr. Jackson has joined the teachers' association.

5. crash n. 撞擊;墜毀 & vi. 衝撞,撞擊
Despite a number of airplane crashes, flying is still much safer than driving.
The car crashed into the tree, but the driver was uninjured.

6. altogether adv. 全部地,完全地
: completely adv.
That popular restaurant not only changed its name but also updated its menu altogether.

7. multiple a. 眾多的,多重的
Multiple choice is a common test format.

8. destination n. 目的地
Mary and Paul chose Tahiti as their honeymoon destination.

9. route n. 路線
: en route  在路上
The criminal took his own life en route to the police station.
*take one's own life  自殺

10. slightly adv. 稍微地,有點
Tom becomes slightly sentimental when he gets drunk.
*sentimental a. 多愁善感的

11. complexity n. 複雜性
The complexity of the problem is far beyond my imagination.

12. consider vt. 考慮
: consider V-ing  考慮∕細想……
I seriously considered resigning, but my children's tuition still needed to be paid.
*resign vi. 辭職
tuition n. 學費(不可數)

13. theory n. 理論
: in theory  理論上
Kelly's idea sounds good in theory, but I doubt if it can work in reality.

pedestrian n. 行人
maneuver n.(需要技巧或謹慎操作的)動作
intersection n. 十字路口
gallon n. 加侖
gasoline n. 汽油
idle vi. 怠速;無所事事
: idle around  遊手好閒,鬼混

    駕車有時候可能會很棘手。由於所有交通狀況和其他駕駛不可預測的行為,道路和高速公路經常成為事故現場。有個方法可以讓道路和高速公路對於車輛和行人都更為安全,那就是在駕駛人於右側行駛的國家禁止左轉。這可能聽起來很瘋狂,但優比速公司(編按:UPS 是全世界最具規模的包裹快遞公司。)的駕駛員多年來都熟知這個竅門,現在經過研究證實,其他公司也紛紛跟進。
  根據美國國家公路交通安全管理局的研究,左轉是可能導致事故最常見的路上動作之一。轉彎或穿越交叉路口時,61% 的車禍事故是發生在左轉彎期間,右轉事故發生率相比之下是 3.1%。在車輛左轉而非右轉時,行人可能死亡的機率也多了三倍。除了減少危險之外,據信藉由完全避免左轉,貨運司機每年可以節省數百萬加侖的汽油,因為他們不需要在等待通行時讓汽車怠速。
答案: 1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. B 



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