At Chestnuts Primary School in England, a program that TV chef Jamie Oliver would be proud of continues to make a difference.

  Unfortunately, kids love to eat junk food, which is not good for their health. The high fat and sugar content found in this kind of food can _(1)_ obesity and other problems. Luckily, some schools have responded to this problem by encouraging their students to try healthier _(2)_. One such school is Chestnuts Primary School in South Tottenham, England. In order to make lunchtime a more positive experience for kids, Chestnuts runs its own catering service _(3)_ relying on an outside food supplier. As part of the program, the school also owns five chickens and sells eggs to parents and other residents in the area. The majority of pupils, about 70%, _(4)_ eat the meals prepared by the school. Since putting the system into place, there have been several benefits for the students, according to head teacher Cal Shaw. Attendance at the school has improved, there has been less fighting on the playground, and "... the school has experienced improved academic attainment results for three consecutive years," Shaw said.
  At least part of the trend of eating better in British schools is due to the efforts of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. _(5)_ about the poor quality of food served in many schools in England, Oliver began his Feed Me Better campaign in 2005. In his popular TV program, he struggled to _(6)_ children to eat fresh, healthy choices instead of junk food. Eventually, his campaign persuaded the British government to _(7)_ hundreds of millions of pounds to improve food programs at schools. Certainly, Oliver would be proud of the success of Chestnuts' program!
1. (A) lead to  (B) result from  (C) lie in  (D) turn down
2. (A) bargains  (B) permits  (C) options  (D) outcomes
3. (A) as long as  (B) rather than  (C) owing to  (D) on account of
4. (A) scarcely  (B) alternately  (C) miserably  (D) regularly
5. (A) Concerning  (B) Concern  (C) To concern  (D) Concerned
6. (A) convince  (B) confirm  (C) threaten  (D) notify
7. (A) cost   (B) spend  (C) take (D)  have


  遺憾的是,孩童喜歡吃垃圾食品,而這不利於他們的健康。在這種食物中發現的高脂肪和糖含量可能會導致肥胖以及其他問題。幸運的是,某些學校透過鼓勵其學生嘗試更健康的選擇來因應這個問題。一個像這樣的學校是位於英國南托登罕的契斯納小學。契斯納小學為了讓午餐時間成為孩童更正面的體驗,他們自己經營餐飲服務,而不是依賴外頭的食品供應商。作為該計畫的一部分,學校還飼養五隻雞,並販售雞蛋給該地區的家長和其他居民。大多數的學生(大約 70%)經常食用學校所準備的膳食。據校長卡爾‧蕭表示,自從落實了這套系統,對學生有若干個好處。學校的出席率有所改善,操場上的打架事件也減少,蕭說道:「……學校整體學業成績,也連續三年都進步了。」
  在英國的學校中,吃得更好的這種趨勢至少有一部分是由於知名主廚傑米‧奧利佛的努力。奧利佛關注到英格蘭許多學校所供應的食物品質不佳,他在 2005 年發起了「給我好食」運動。在其受歡迎的電視節目中,他努力說服孩童們選擇食用新鮮、健康的食物來取代垃圾食物。最後,他的此項運動說服英國政府花費數億英鎊來改善學校的食物計畫。無疑地,奧利佛將為契斯納小學計畫的成功感到自豪!
答案: 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. D 6. A 7.


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