When animals in Kenya run low on water, one man comes to their rescue.

   If people are thirsty, they can just go into the kitchen for a drink. When animals can't satisfy their thirst, though, things can get a lot more complicated. Nobody knows this better than Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua. By day, Mwalua works as a pea farmer on his farm in Kenya. Four nights a week, though, he becomes a water delivery man—for animals.
   When the Tsavo West National Park dried up after months of no rain, buffalo, zebras, elephants, and antelope were in danger of dying of thirst. So, the 41-year-old decided to rent and fill up a 3,000-gallon water truck in order to save these animals. Each time, he drives a few hours to the park, where the animals have now come to expect him.
   All of this is done at Mwalua's own expense and risk. At times, as many as 500 buffalo have surrounded him. Luckily, he hasn't been hurt yet. Also to help with the cost, a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money so that Mwalua can one day buy his own truck. The dry season usually lasts until the end of October, so his services are needed now more than ever.

  1. thirsty a. 口渴的
    thirst n. 口渴
    I'm thirsty. Water is the only thing I want.
  2. satisfy vt. 使滿足
    That meal didn't satisfy me at all.
  3. complicated a. 複雜的
    It was that little boy who solved the complicated puzzle.
  4. dry up  乾涸
    The water in this lake has dried up over the years.
  5. be in danger  處於險境
    Whenever you are in danger, try to keep calm.
  6. fill up...  裝滿……
    Please fill up the box with any old clothes that you don't want.
  7. at sb's expense  花某人的錢
    expense n. 費用,支出
    Mary studied at her aunt's expense.
  8. surround vt. 包圍
    The fans surrounded the popular singer.

rescue n. 救援
antelope n. 羚羊
gallon n. 加侖

如果人們口渴,他們可以走到廚房喝水解渴。然而,動物無法解渴時,事情就變得更加複雜。沒有人比派翠克‧基隆佐‧姆瓦盧更了解這個問題。白天,姆瓦盧是肯亞一位在自己的農場種豌豆的農夫。然而,一週有四個晚上,他變成送水男 ── 給動物。
  這一切都是姆瓦盧自己出錢和冒著風險完成的。有時,有多達五百隻水牛將他包圍。幸運地,他不曾被攻擊過。另外,為了協助金錢開銷,一個名為 GoFundMe 的網頁被建立來募資,如此姆瓦盧未來就可以買一輛自己的水車。通常旱季會延續到十月底,因此他目前的送水服務比以前更有必要。



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