A story about the original Santa and his dark follower.

  Saint Nicholas Day is a Christian holiday in Europe that falls on December 6, though some places celebrate on December 19. During this festival, people eat a huge meal, go to church, and young boys dress as priests and give money to the poor. On the night before the holiday, children put out their shoes for Saint Nicholas to put gifts into.
  Saint Nicholas was a Christian leader who lived in Greece almost two thousand years ago. There are many stories about him performing miracles and secretly giving gifts to those in need, especially to children. Paintings and decorations of Saint Nicholas usually show a tall, old man with a long, white beard who carries a bag full of toys. It is clear from this image that Dutch settlers in America got the idea for Santa Claus from Saint Nicolas. Since then, Santa Claus's popularity has only grown with time.
  After Santa Claus became the main figure of Christmas, Saint Nicholas Day might have become a mostly forgotten holiday. What has kept the festival going is not Saint Nicholas' miracles or his kindness to children. The new star is the monster that follows Saint Nicolas and punishes the bad children: Krampus.

  1. follower n. 跟班,跟隨者
    Sam prefers to be a follower in a group.
  2. priest n. 牧師
    The priest blessed me with holy water.
  3. secretly adv. 秘密地,偷偷地
    Hiding in the woods, the soldiers were able to secretly observe the enemy.
  4. beard n. 鬍子
    Santa Claus has a big, white beard.
  5. settler n. 殖民者;拓荒者
    Peter's grandfather was one of the early settlers of Australia.
  6. kindness n. 善意,仁慈
    Is there anything I can do in return for your kindness?
  7. monster n. 怪物
    The witch turned the animal into a monster.
  8. punish vt. 懲罰
    If you never punish your son, he'll never learn to behave properly.

本文 "There are many stories about him performing miracles and secretly giving gifts to those in need, especially to children." 中的 perform miracles 表『產生奇蹟式的功效或結果』,等於 work miracles / wonders。例:

That medicine seemed to perform miracles by curing the woman of cancer.

Herbal tea works miracles in helping you fall asleep at night.

The ginger tea really worked wonders for my cold. I feel much better now.






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