Neil deGrasse Tyson's enthusiasm for the universe has turned his podcast into a TV show on its second season for those with an appetite for learning.


  Many questions keep us lying awake at night, like the future of our planet and the meaning of our place in the universe. For questions of this magnitude, some people react in fear at the thought of such a vast unknown. Have no fear because astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been utilizing his intellect and charisma to shed light on the mysteries of the universe.
  A young 17-year-old Tyson was inspired on his path to becoming an astrophysicist by the late Carl Sagan. Sagan is remembered for his original Cosmosseries on PBS. Later on, Tyson got to honor his idol by hosting the successor series to Cosmos. After earning his bachelor's and master's degrees at Harvard University and University of Texas at Austin, Tyson earned his doctorate in astrophysics at Columbia University. Then, in 1996, he became the director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He wrote for a column between 1995 and 2005 for Natural History magazine and even published a book called Death by Black Hole (2007). All of his work shows how passionate and vocal Tyson is about science and the universe.
  Since 2009, Tyson has had a podcast called StarTalk where, with the help of celebrity co-hosts, comedians, and others, topics on space, science, and pop culture come together. Discussions about aliens, the environment, space travel, the Big Bang, the Earth's future, and any universe-related news are held. In April 2015, National Geographic Channel (NGC) turned StarTalk into a science-themed late-night talk show. Famed guests that appeared in season one include George Takei, Christopher Nolan, Arianna Huffington, and Chris Hadfield. Bill Clinton and David Byrne are featured guests of the latest season, which you can catch this month on NGC.

  1. enthusiasm n. 熱情(與介詞 for 並用)
    No one can match Liv's enthusiasm for ballet.
  2. appetite n. 慾望;食慾,胃口
    衍: have an appetite for...  對……有胃口;喜好……
    High-end restaurants usually don't serve large enough dishes for patrons with big appetites.
    I have an appetite for steak. Would you like to go out to dinner with me?
  3. react vi. 反應(與介詞 to 並用)
    衍: reaction n. 反應(與介詞 to 並用)
    Debbie didn't know how to react to her husband's off-the-wall comment.
    *off-the-wall a. 怪異的,超乎尋常的
    Vic had a bad reaction to the seafood he ate last night.
  4. vast a. 廣闊的,廣大的
    Vast stretches of farmland have been turned into residential areas over the past five years.
  5. utilize vt. 利用
    The representative utilized her diplomatic skills to end the crisis between the two countries.
    *diplomatic a. 外交的
  6. mystery n. 神祕(的事物)
    衍: mysterious a. 神祕的
    Crop circles remain a great mystery to mankind.
    The scientists are trying to figure out how the mysterious disease spreads.
  7. late a. 已故的
    Thousands of people gathered at the funeral to pay tribute to the late Muhammad Ali.
    *pay tribute to...  向……致敬
  8. original a. 原創的;原來的
    Life of Pi is a thought-provoking original novel that was later adapted into a film.
    《少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流》是一部發人深省的原創小說,後來被改編成為電影。
    *thought-provoking a. 發人深省的,引人深思的
  9. cosmos n. 宇宙
  10. idol n. 偶像
    Lily got a glimpse of her idol as he was entering the hotel.
  11. successor n. 接班人;繼承人
    The writer's style had a deep impact on his literary successors.
  12. column n.(報紙、雜誌等的)專欄
    The magazine features an advice column as well as current affairs.
  13. passionate a. 熱愛的;熱情的
    衍: be passionate about...  熱愛……
    That young man is very passionate about traveling.
  14. celebrity n. 名人
    The media seems to monitor everything celebrities say and do.
  15. comedian n. 喜劇演員
    The comedian found that the official had many imitable mannerisms.
    *imitable a. 可模仿的
    mannerism n. 習慣性動作
  16. appear vi. 出現,露面
    同: show up
    衍: appearance n. 出現;外貌
    My brother appeared out of nowhere and scared me half to death.
    *out of nowhere  不知從哪冒出來,突然出現
    The singer's appearance at the party cheered all of us up.
  17. featured a. 特別的;被介紹∕刊載的
    衍: feature vt. 以……為特色 & n. 特色
    This exhibition features mummies from Egypt.
    One of the features of this car is that it's powered by solar energy.

podcast n. 播客(由 iPod 和 broadcast 拼綴而成)
magnitude n. 規模,(地震)震度;重要性
astrophysicist n. 天文物理學家
衍: astrophysics n. 天文物理學
intellect n. 智力
charisma n. 魅力
bachelor n. 學士(學位)
doctorate n. 博士(學位)
planetarium n. 天文館
vocal a. 侃侃而談的,暢所欲言的
the Big Bang  宇宙大爆炸

  1. lie awake  躺著睡不著
    lie vi. 躺;位於(三態為:lie, lay, lain。);說謊(三態為:lie, lied, lied。)
    awake a. 清醒的,醒著的
    The baby lay awake quietly in his crib.
    *crib n. 嬰兒床
    Austin lied to his girlfriend about where he had been last night.
  2. at the thought of...  一想到……
    We trembled with excitement at the thought of meeting J.K. Rowling.
    我們一想到要和 J.K. 羅琳見面就興奮得發抖。
    *tremble with...  因……而發抖
  3. shed light on...  闡明……
    Scientists have recently shed light on some of the mysteries of DNA.
    最近科學家進一步揭開了 DNA 的一些奧祕。

名人談星 2
  十七歲的泰森受到已故的卡爾‧薩根所啟發,因而踏上天文物理學家一途。薩根以他在公共電視網原創的《宇宙大探索》系列節目為世人所緬懷。隨後,泰森得以藉由接棒主持《宇宙大探索》的下一系列新節目來紀念他的偶像。在他分別於哈佛大學與德州大學奧斯汀分校取得學士學位及碩士學位後,他在哥倫比亞大學獲得了天文物理學博士學位。接著於 1996 年,他成為紐約美國自然史博物館中海頓天文館的館長。他於 1995 年至 2005 年間為《自然史》雜誌撰寫專欄,他甚至於 2007 年出版了一本名為《黑洞》的書。泰森所有作品全都顯示了他對於科學及宇宙有多麼熱愛且能侃侃而談。
  自從 2009 年起,泰森有個名為《名人談星》的播客,在該節目中,藉由明星共同主持人、喜劇演員及其他人的協助,將有關太空、科學和流行文化的主題融合在一起。他舉行了有關外星人、環境、太空旅行、大爆炸、地球的未來,以及其他和宇宙相關新聞的討論。2015 年四月,國家地理頻道將《名人談星》轉變為一個以科學為主題的深夜談話性節目。曾於第一季出演的名人包括喬治‧武井、克里斯多福‧諾蘭、亞利安娜‧哈芬登,以及克里斯‧哈德菲爾德。而比爾‧柯林頓與大衛‧拜恩則是最新一季的特邀嘉賓,在本月的國家地理頻道收看最新一季吧。




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