If you are feeling hungry, head to your nearest Korean restaurant.

   The Korean Wave has introduced the world to South Korean music and TV shows. This wave of entertainment has also shown the world a lot of delicious Korean dishes. The nice thing about Korean cuisine is that it is not only tasty but also simple to prepare.
   The most famous Korean food is kimchi. This spicy cabbage dish is served at almost every meal. Another popular dish is bibimbap, which means "mixed rice" in Korean. It began as a way for people to use their extra vegetables. The vegetables are heated and placed on top of white rice. Before the dish is served, a raw egg is added on the top and mixed in. Beef and chicken can also be added for flavor.
   One more dish that has taken the world by storm is Korean fried chicken. Unlike American fried chicken, it is fried twice. This makes it taste crispier and a little less oily. Soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and other spices are added to make it even more delicious. Of course, these foods are just a start. To learn more, try ordering some Korean food or looking up recipes before you sit down to watch your favorite Korean drama.

Words & Phrases

  1. satisfying a. 有飽足感的;令人滿意的
    The potato salad Mom made was not only delicious but satisfying as well.
  2. introduce sb to sth  使某人初嚐∕認識某物
    The teacher is introducing his class to a new way to solve the math problem.
  3. tasty a. 美味的,可口的
    Lucy couldn't wait to try the dessert because it looked really tasty.
  4. heat vt. 加熱,使變熱
    Stacy heated a slice of pizza in the microwave before she sat down to eat.
  5. unlike prep. 不像(之後置受詞)
    Unlike me, Jack does everything with a lot of care.
  6. crispy a.(指食物的外皮)酥脆的
    The French fries Jenny bought in the market are crispy and tasty.
  7. spice n. 香料;趣味
    The spices improved the taste of the chicken.
  8. look up... / look...up  查………(單字、資料)
    If you don't know the word, you can look it up in the dictionary.

cuisine n.(餐廳或酒店的)特製飯菜,菜餚;烹飪(法)
spicy a. 辛辣的
entertainment n. 娛樂(節目∕活動)
ginger n. 薑,生薑
garlic n. 大蒜
recipe n. 食譜;烹飪法





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