Learn more about these tuxedo-wearing, flightless birds with your own penguin party!

  Waddling across the icebergs and tundra of our planet's southernmost continent are penguins. These aquatic birds might not be able to fly, but they are an indispensable part of the ecosystem in Antarctica and the surrounding frigid seas. They also happen to be the stars of National Geographic's new show Penguin Palooza. Most people think of the black and white birds at the zoo, but when you see them in their natural habitats of Antarctica, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and Australia, you can really start to understand what they are all about.
  Researchers are aware of 18 different penguin species, and there might even be a 19th species hiding out there somewhere in the barren, ice-covered landmass around the South Pole. The show features all of them, including Adelie, African, Chinstrap, Emperor, Galapagos, Gentoo, just to name a few. It all begins with the largest of the bunch—the Emperor Penguin—and goes all the way to the smallest species, known as the Little Blue.
  To celebrate your love of penguins, why not have a Penguin Palooza theme party? You and your friends can dress up in penguin costumes and decorate your house with snowflakes and icicles. Don't forget to make appropriate snacks for the occasion. Penguins really only eat fish and sea creatures, so cooking up the catch of the day, or just settling for some Swedish Fish candy will suffice. Other options include ice cream or shaved ice, since it's cold, or desserts in the shape of penguins covered in decorative frosting. Then, gear up for the spectacle with a game of Protect the Egg before settling down to watch Penguin Palooza on National Geographic.

1. penguin n. 企鵝

2. tuxedo n.(男用)男式禮服(常與蝴蝶結、領帶搭配)
注意 tuxedo 非燕尾服,tailcoat 才稱作「燕尾服」

3. waddle vi. 搖搖擺擺地走

4. continent n. 大陸

5. aquatic a. 水棲的;水生的
比較 marine a. 海生的
This dry creek used to be a large river teeming with fish and aquatic plants.
*teem with...  充滿著……
teem vi. 充滿
Water currents affect many different species of marine life.
*current n. 水流

6. indispensable a. 不可或缺的
: be indispensable to...  對……是不可或缺的
Exercise is indispensable to good health.

7. habitat n.(動物的)棲息地
The growth of cities is disruptive to animal habitats.
*disruptive a. 破壞的;擾亂的

8. species n. 物種(單複數同形)
Many species of wild animals are endangered.
*endangered a. 瀕臨絕種的

9. barren a. 荒蕪的,貧瘠的
: fertile a. 肥沃的
Ginny wanted to use the water to irrigate the barren flowerbed.
*irrigate vt. 灌溉
The farmer made an analysis of the soil to see if it was fertile.
*analysis n. 分析(單數形)
analyses n. 分析(複數形)

10. bunch n. 一群(人);一束
: a bunch of...  一群∕一束……
I've got a bunch of friends coming over on Friday, so we should buy more food for a big dinner.
I sent Mary a bunch of flowers, but she didn't seem very delighted.

11. costume n. 服裝;戲服
The theme of our costume party is legendary heroes.
*legendary a. 傳奇的,傳說的

12. appropriate a. 適當的,恰當的
: inappropriate a. 不適合的
Wendy is very angry, so I don't think this is an appropriate time to talk to her.
The government should regulate the Internet so that children do not see inappropriate materials.
*regulate vt. 管制

13. shave vt. 削,刨;刮除毛髮(本文為過去分詞作形容詞用)
Nothing can compare to a bowl of shaved ice on a hot summer's day.
Tony shaved off his beard before he had his picture taken.
*beard n. 鬍子

14. spectacle n. 奇觀
: make a spectacle of oneself  出洋相
Wayne made a spectacle of himself after he got drunk at a dinner party.

palooza n. 大派對
tundra n. 凍原;苔原
ecosystem n. 生態系統
Antarctica n. 南極洲
frigid a. 嚴寒的
: the frigid zone  寒帶地區
the temperate zone  溫帶地區
the subtropical zone  亞熱帶地區
the tropical zone  熱帶地區
landmass n. 大陸,地塊
icicle n. 冰錐,冰柱,垂冰
catch of the day  當日的漁獲
suffice vi. 足夠
: sufficiency n. 充足
frosting n.(糕點上的)糖霜

  研究人員知道有十八種不同的企鵝,甚至還可能有第十九種物種藏身在貧瘠且冰雪覆蓋著陸地的南極某處。本節目中包括阿德利企鵝、非洲企鵝、南極企鵝、皇帝企鵝、加拉巴哥企鵝和巴布亞企鵝等,這裡僅舉幾例。節目由最大的一群 ―― 皇帝企鵝 ―― 揭開序幕,一直介紹到體型最小、被稱作小藍企鵝的種類。




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