Rescued pets get high-tech help to live better lives.

  People love their pets, and dogs are one of the most popular animals to have as a member of the family. It's been this way for thousands of years, which has earned canines the title of "man's best friend." Pets can make a positive difference in their owners' lives, but sometimes, owning a pet means taking care of them even when they need some special treatment. This can even turn into having a prosthetic body part bought and paid for by their owners. For National Geographic's show Doggy Days–My Bionic Pet, lucky pets on the cutting edge of medicine and technology get to strut their stuff for the cameras.
  From bionic limbs for walking and running to prosthetic tails for balance and 3D-printed beaks for birds, the world of pet medicine has advanced right along with the rest of medical technology. Disfigured or abused animals can be seriously affected by their plight. A good owner can help the animals recover, but it still takes a lot of ingenuity and resources to rebuild the physical damage caused by neglect or trauma.
  Using state-of-the-art prosthetic devices, these animals are able to improve their mobility, their quality of life, and emotional state. Tune in to National Geographic's special show about these formerly disabled animals to see how the latest prosthetic developments are being applied to help pets live fuller and happier lives. Seeing the amazing stories of rehabilitation and recovery may restore your faith in humanity. If we can truly take better care of animals, maybe we can take better care of each other, too.

1. positive a. 正面的;積極的
: negative a. 負面的;消極的
The mother implanted many positive values in her children.
*implant vt. 灌輸(思想或情感)
People who have a negative attitude towards life are usually unhappy.

2. treatment n. 治療;療法
The new drug is effective in the treatment of liver diseases.

3. advance vi. 進步;前進
: advanced a. 高階的;高等的
My son has advanced greatly in his English class.
This school offers courses ranging from basic to advanced levels.

4. abuse vt. 虐待(本文為過去分詞作形容詞用)& n. 虐待;濫用
The man was thrown in jail for abusing his children.
Drug abuse is a problem that is worth everyone's attention.

5. affect vt. 影響
: impact vt.
Last year's rice harvest was affected by the typhoon.

6. recover vi. 恢復
: recovery n. 恢復,復原
Nick gradually recovered from his painful breakup.
Experts say that economic recovery is on its way.

7. resource n. 資源
There is no doubt that recycling helps save precious natural resources.

8. damage n. 損害,損失
I'm going to find out who is responsible for all of this damage to my car.

9. neglect n. & vt. 忽略,忽視;疏忽
Since her son died, Susan has never ceased to regret her neglect of him.
*cease to V  停止從事……
The clerk neglected his duties and was eventually fired.

10. emotional a. 情緒上的
: emotionally adv. 情緒化地;激動地
My parents provided endless emotional support during my time of need.
Mary shed tears emotionally as she watched the sad movie.

11. apply vt. 應用,運用
: apply A to B  將 A 應用∕運用於 B
Scientists are trying to apply solar technology to automobiles.

12. restore vt. 恢復,修復
The governor tried his best to restore order to the troubled area.

狗狗好時光 ―― 仿生寵物
    人們熱愛寵物,而狗狗是作為家庭成員最受歡迎的其中一種動物。數千年來皆是如此,使狗狗贏得了「人類最好朋友」的稱號。寵物可以為牠們飼主的生活帶來正面影響,但有時候,養寵物也意味著在牠們需要特殊治療時得照料牠們。這甚至可能造成飼主購買與支付義肢身體部位的費用。在國家地理的《狗狗好時光 ―― 仿生寵物》中,使用這項尖端醫學與科技的幸運寵物得以在鏡頭前炫耀牠們的行頭。
  從用於行走與奔跑的仿生四肢、平衡用的義肢尾巴到 3D 列印鳥嘴,寵物醫學界隨著其餘的醫學科技一同進步。被毀容或受虐的動物可能會因為牠們的困境而受到嚴重影響。一個好飼主可以幫助動物復原,但要重建因疏於照顧或創傷所造成的身體受損仍然需要許多巧思與資源。




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