Paris has a new solution for fast, efficient transportation using the Seine River.

    Experts estimate that by 2050, there will be 10 billion people on Earth, and most of those people will be living in cities and urban centers. Those people are going to need ways to _(1)_, but ground transportation can only do so much. Air travel may be too dangerous for large populations. Since most cities are built on rivers or waterways, water travel could become the best _(2)_ for the future. That is where the idea for the Sea Bubble comes in.
    The Sea Bubble is a hovering water taxi. This floating design feature means that the Sea Bubble can travel _(3)_ through the water without making as many waves as other boats. The craft _(4)_ both noise and pollution by being 100% electric, but this does not limit the Sea Bubble's performance. It can travel around 30 kilometers per hour and cover up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. Each water taxi seats five people, including a driver for now, although the driver may later be _(5)_ with automation.
    The design is the _(6)_ of Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal. The project was _(7)_ by Paris's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who said, "I really believe in the development of river transport. Most of the world's big cities were built on riverbanks, an advantage we have to use to reduce our reliance on polluting cars." It sounds like a win for everyone involved!
1. (A) stand out  (B) trek up  (C) hold back  (D) get around
2. (A) option  (B) hindrance  (C) exhibit  (D) canal
3. (A) briefly  (B) abruptly  (C) quietly   (D) eagerly
4. (A) liberalizes  (B) organizes  (C) minimizes  (D) authorizes
5. (A) employed  (B) transferred  (C) installed  (D) replaced
6. (A) personality  (B) brainchild  (C) shortcoming  (D) hardship
7. (A) approved  (B) removed  (C) contacted  (D) abandoned

1. Those people are going to need ways to get around, but ground transportation can only do so much.

a. (A) stand out  脫穎而出;顯眼
: stand out in a crowd  在人群中很顯目
Alan's red hair makes him easily stand out in a crowd.
(B) trek up(...)  攀登(……)
We encountered many obstacles when trekking up Mt. Everest.
*obstacle n. 障礙,阻礙(物)
(C) hold back  退縮;猶豫不決
Robin is usually shy, but she didn't hold back during the singing contest.
(D) get around(...)  (在……)到處走動
It is not easy to get around this city without a car.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

2. Since most cities are built on rivers or waterways, water travel could become the best option for the future.

a. (A) option n. 選擇
: have no option but to V  除……外別無選擇
Robert had no option but to lend his sister the money for rent.
(B) hindrance n. 阻礙
: be a hindrance to...  是……的絆腳石
= be a barrier to...
= be an obstacle to...
Laziness is a hindrance to success.
(C) exhibit n. 展示會;展示
: on exhibit  展覽中,展出中
= on exhibition
= on display
Leonardo da Vinci's work will be on exhibit at the museum next month.
(D) canal n. 運河;水道
Venice is celebrated for its canals and beautiful architecture.
*be celebrated for...  以……而著名
b. 根據語意,(A) 項應為正選。

3. This floating design feature means that the Sea Bubble can travel quietly through the water without making as many waves as other boats.

a. (A) briefly adv. 簡短地;簡潔地
Tell us briefly why we must do as you say.
(B) abruptly adv. 突然地
We were all taken by surprise when Michael abruptly announced his early retirement.
*take sb by surprise  使某人吃驚
(C) quietly adv. 安靜地
They sat quietly on the bench in the park.
(D) eagerly adv. 熱切地,急切地
: eager a. 渴望的,急切的
be eager to V渴望做……
= be longing to V
= be dying to V
Fans eagerly lined up outside the bookstore, waiting for the famous writer to sign their books.
My sister is eager to start her new job.
b. 根據語意,(C) 項應為正選。

4. The craft minimizes both noise and pollution by being 100% electric, but this does not limit the Sea Bubble's performance.
該飛行器藉由 100% 電力驅動將噪音和汙染都降至最低,但這並不會限制「海豆莢」的表現。

a. (A) liberalize vt. 使自由化
The country has decided to liberalize its import laws.
(B) organize vt. 籌劃,籌辦
Leo organized a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend.
(C) minimize vt. 使減到最小,極小化
: maximize vt. 使增至最大,極大化
We should do our best to minimize global warming.
To maximize profits, we need to cut down on production costs.
(D) authorize vt. 授權
: authorize sb to V  授權某人(做)……
I'm authorized to act for the manager while he is on his business trip.
b. 根據語意,(C) 項應為正選。

5. Each water taxi seats five people, including a driver for now, although the driver may later be replaced with automation.

a. (A) employ vt. 僱用
: hire vt.
The factory employs a great number of foreign laborers.
(B) transfer vt.(使)轉移;調動
: transfer A to B  將 A 轉移到 B
Andy transferred the picture to my smartphone via Bluetooth.
(C) install vt. 安裝,設置
To guard against theft, we installed alarms on all our windows.
*guard against...  預防……;防著……
(D) replace vt. 取代,替代
: replace A with B  用 B 取代 A
Billy replaced his old desktop computer with a laptop.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

6. The design is the brainchild of Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal.
該設計為 Alain Thebault 和 Anders Bringdal 的心血結晶。

a. (A) personality n. 個性
Compared to her younger sister, who has a lively personality, Amy is very quiet.
(B) brainchild n. 創意下的產物
Mickey Mouse was the brainchild of Walt Disney.
(C) shortcoming n.(人或物)缺點
My girlfriend made me aware of my shortcomings.
(D) hardship n. 艱難,困苦
Max suffered financial hardship after he lost his job.
b. 根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。

7. The project was approved by Paris's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who said, ...

a. (A) approve vt. 批准,認可
The project must first be approved by the committee.
(B) remove vt. 移除;移動
: remove A from B  將 A 從 B 中移除∕移走
Pete removed the books from the sofa to make room for his guests to sit.
(C) contact vt. 聯繫,聯絡
I check my email regularly, so you can contact me anytime.
*regularly adv. 規律地
(D) abandon vt. 丟棄,遺棄
If the river floods, we'll have to abandon our house.
*flood vi. & vt.(使)淹沒,氾濫
b. 根據語意,(A) 項應為正選。

1. generation n. 一代;世代
: a generation gap  代溝
If the generation gap between parents and their children could be narrowed, there wouldn't be so many social problems.
*narrow vt. 使縮小;使變窄

2. urban a. 城市的
: rural a. 鄉村的
I'd rather live in a rural area than in an urban area.
*would rather + 原形動詞  寧願……

3. efficient a. 有效率的
: inefficient a. 沒效率的,效率差的
The boss likes Cathy because she is an efficient worker.
Alice is so inefficient that her boss is considering letting her go.

4. estimate vt. 估計
: It is estimated + that 子句  據估計……
It is estimated that about 500 people were injured in the train accident.

5. pollution n. 汙染
: pollute vt. 汙染
Air pollution causes Jenny's allergies to act up.
*allergy n. 過敏
act up  (病痛等)復發;出毛病
That power plant has been polluting the local environment for 15 years.

6. cover vt. 行過……(一段路程),涵蓋……(範圍)
This helicopter can cover more than 200 kilometers in one hour.
The marathon runner covered 30 kilometers in less than two hours.

7. seat vt. 坐得下……人;使就座 & n. 座位
: be seated  就座的
take a seat  就座
= have a seat
= sit down
The stadium is big enough to seat 100,000 people.
*stadium n.(有看臺且無屋頂的)體育場
Please be seated until the plane comes to a complete stop.
Sir, please take a seat. The movie is about to start.

8. including prep. 包括
The price is NT$2,050, including tax.

9. reduce vt. 降低,減少
: cut down on...
Lena reduced the amount of salt in her diet.

10. reliance n. 依賴(與介詞 on 並用)
: reliant a. 信賴的;依賴的
be reliant on...  依賴……
rely vi. 依賴
rely on...  依靠……
Economists predict that over the next five years, Italy will increase its reliance on coal by 33%.
經濟學家預測未來五年,義大利對煤礦的仰賴程度將會提升 33%。
Most people nowadays are heavily reliant on computers.
A happy marriage relies on mutual trust.

帶你飛離塞納河 ―― 水上計程車
  專家估計到了 2050 年,地球上將會有一百億人口,且大多數人都會住在城市以及市中心。那些人將會需要道路以到處走動,但地面交通工具能做的也就這麼多了。空中旅行對龐大人口來說可能太危險了。由於大多數城市都建造在河邊或水路旁,水上旅行可能成為未來的最佳選擇。這就是「海豆莢」(Sea Bubble)這個點子的緣起。
  「海豆莢」是一種懸浮於水面上的水上計程車。這種浮動設計的特色意味著「海豆莢」可以安靜地滑過水面,而不會像其他船隻那樣製造出很多波浪。該飛行器藉由 100% 電力驅動將噪音和汙染都降至最低,但這並不會限制「海豆莢」的表現。它時速約為每小時三十公里,且單次充電即可行駛達一百公里。每輛水上計程車可容納五人(目前包括一名司機在內),不過司機未來可能會被自動化科技替代。
  該設計為 Alain Thebault 和 Anders Bringdal 的心血結晶。該計畫得到巴黎市長安娜‧伊達戈核准,她表示:「我相信河道交通的發展很有用。世界上大多數的大城市都建造在河畔,這是一個必須利用來降低我們對汙染性汽車依賴的優勢。」聽起來大家都是贏家!
答案: 1. D 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. D 6. B 7. A



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