Life of Pi 少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流



  How can 3.14159 have a life? However, the mathematical ratio that is pi is not the focus of Life of Pi, Ang Lee's new movie. Pi, which is short for Piscine, is a teenage boy from Pondicherry, India who survives a life-changing experience. As the son of a zoo owner, Pi is quite familiar with animals since he has spent time observing and taking care of them firsthand.

  Due to the political situation in the country, Pi's father decides to sell the animals and move the family to Canada. They travel on a cargo ship along with several of the sold animals. A few days out of port, the ship sinks and Pi ends up in a lifeboat drifting aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean. He is not alone, though. Sharing the same small space are a female orangutan, an injured zebra, a hungry hyena, and a 200-kilogram Bengal tiger whose name is Richard Parker. Pi must find a way to survive with very little food and water and avoid being eaten by the animals. Life of Pi is truly a magical adventure, so don't miss it in theaters this month.

Words & Phrases

  1. be short for...  是……的簡稱
    Our son Alex, which is short for Alexander, just got accepted into Oxford.
    我們的兒子 Alex,也就是 Alexander 的小名,剛錄取進入牛津大學。
  2. observe  vt. 觀察
    Jack prefers to observe people who are walking by while his wife shops at the mall.
  3. firsthand adv. 直接地,第一手地
    The journalist has experienced living in a battle zone firsthand.
  4. political a. 政治(上)的
    The political leader of that African country was accused of being involved in a scandal.
  5. sink vi. 下沉,沉沒(三態為:sink, sank [ sAGk ], sunk [ sVGk ]。)
    Lily watched as the coin sank to the bottom of the wishing well.
  6. drift vi.(在水上或空中)漂流;飄
    The boat began to drift out to sea when the rope which held it to the dock became lose.
  7. aimlessly adv. 漫無目的地,無目標地
    Luke wandered the streets aimlessly after his friend stood him up.
  8. injured a. 受傷的
    Bob took the injured dog to the nearest animal clinic for treatment.

Extra Words
  1. mathematical a. 數學的
  2. ratio n. 比例
  3. pi n. 圓周率
  4. cargo ship n. 貨船
    cargo n. 貨物
  5. orangutan n. 紅毛猩猩
  6. hyena n. 土狼





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