Why are visitors looking for fake works of art in museums around the UK?

  If you've ever been to a museum to see a famous work of art, then you have probably waited in line for a long time. When you finally get to see it, is it actually the real thing? Fake paintings or copies are more common than you think. Some experts say that up to 20% of art in major museums could be fake. One British TV channel, Sky Arts, came up with a twist on this idea with a new show — Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge.
  Last summer, in museums across the UK, Sky Arts replaced one painting in each exhibit with an imperfect copy. Producers knew that the average visitor to a museum only spends a short time actually looking at a work of art. They wondered how to get folks to take a closer look. So, they created a spot-the-fake competition for their show.
  Museums were pleased. Curators said the competition would not only bring in more guests, but also make them more engaged. Those looking for a fake will naturally learn more about a particular piece of art on display and get to experience it more deeply. After all, you have got to know the real thing to spot a fake.

  1. common a. 常見的;普通的
    It is common for people to visit the Statue of Liberty when they go to New York City.
  2. twist n. 改變;(形勢或事態的)意外轉折
    The end of the movie had a twist that I would never have imagined.
  3. imperfect a. 不完美的,有瑕疵的
    The imperfect suits were sold at half price.
  4. average a. 普通的,平常的
    The average person can't tell a real diamond from a fake one.
  5. bring in...  帶來……;吸引……
    We'll need to bring in a lot more new business.
  6. engaged a. 忙碌的
    Kim is now engaged in her studies.
  7. on display  展出中
    Picasso's paintings are now on display at the museum.
  8. spot vt. 發現;看見
    I spotted John walking into the building late at night.

fake 這個字看似很簡單卻很特殊,有三種詞性及用法。本文標題 It's a Fake! 中的 fake 為名詞,表「贗品,冒牌貨,仿造品」。副標 "... fake works of art ..." 中的 fake 則為形容詞,表「假的;冒充的」。此外,fake 還能作動詞,表「偽造;捏造;冒充」。例:

The painting I bought turned out to be a fake.

This season, animal prints and fake fur are in fashion.

Jason faked his father's signature on his homework book.

exhibit n. 展示,展覽
competition n. 競賽
curator n. 館長

如果你曾到過美術館去看一件知名藝術品,那麼你可能得排隊等很久。你終於可以看到它時,它到底是不是真的呢?假畫或複製品比你想的還要更普遍。一些專家說大型美術館多達 20% 的藝術品可能是贗品。一個英國電視臺 Sky Arts 想到反轉這個點子的新梗,並推出了新節目 ──《假的!偉大畫作挑戰》。
  去年夏天,在英國各地的美術館,Sky Arts 將每個展覽的一幅畫以不完美的複製品取代。製作人知道一般遊客到美術館實際上只花很短的時間看藝術品。他們想知道如何才能讓人們更仔細地欣賞藝術品。所以,他們為他們的節目打造了「找假畫」競賽。


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