Britain's spy agency has started looking for the next generation of spies.

   Millions of people dream of living like James Bond. In the movies, 007 shoots bad guys, meets beautiful women, races fast cars, and gets the coolest high-tech tools. Although Bond is just a movie character, the group he works for, MI6, is real and it is looking for new people.
   To find new workers, MI6 recently started showing ads in movie theaters. The ads show what kinds of people MI6 wants to hire. They want to make it clear that they don't just hire handsome, white men. The intelligence agency hopes that more women and people of other races will apply for jobs there. They feel that having people from different sexes and backgrounds makes their team better.
   MI6 also wants people to understand that you don't have to be good at shooting guns to become an MI6 agent. In today's world, MI6 needs lots of smart people with good computer skills, too. Having great people skills also helps because their employees must work with people from all over the world. British citizens who think they can do the job should give it a try. Maybe they will save the world with their brains!

Words & Phrases

  1. hire vt. 僱用(某人)
    Since you are so busy, you should hire a housekeeper to take care of your house.
  2. spy n. 間諜
    The spy got caught when he was trying to leave Germany.
  3. race vt. & vi.(使)疾駛;快速移動
    Michael raced home after he got his mother's call.
  4. ad n. 廣告(非正式用法)
    advertisement n. 廣告(ad 的正式用法)
    The new store attracted many customers with its ad.
  5. apply for...  應徵∕申請……
    Tony is applying for a scholarship right now.
    * scholarship n. 獎學金
  6. background n. 出身,個人背景
    Because of her background, Catherine got the job very easily.
  7. employee n. 受僱者,員工
    Don't be mean to the new employee. He just needs some time to learn.
  8. give...a try  試試看……
    I've never tried being a group leader before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

agency n. 機構;(尤指政府內的)局,部,處
intelligence n. 情報;智力
agent n. 特工人員,情報員

            數百萬人都夢想過著像詹姆士‧龐德一樣的生活。在電影中,007 槍擊壞蛋、結識窈窕淑女、開著跑車狂奔,還擁有最酷的高科技裝備。雖然龐德只是一個電影角色,但是他所效力的組織 ── 英國秘密情報局(MI6)── 卻是真實的,而且他們正在招募新人。
  為了招募新員工,MI6 最近開始在電影院播放廣告。廣告中闡明了 MI6 所想僱用的人。他們想表明他們並非只僱用俊俏的白人男子。情報局希望會有更多的女性和其他種族的人到那裡找工作。他們覺得擁有不同性別和背景的人會讓他們的團隊更好。
  MI6 也想讓人們了解,你不需要擅長射擊才能成為 MI6 特工。現今生活中,MI6 也需要很多具備電腦技術的聰明人士。擁有絕佳的人際關係技巧也很有幫助,因為他們的員工必須與來自世界各地的人工作。認為自己能勝任這份工作的英國公民都該前去一試。也許他們能用腦力拯救世界!




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