Tourists come to Spain to take a look at a building that is all curves.

   Antoni Gaudi was one of the most well-known architects in modern history because of his grand designs and one-of-a-kind style. He is most famous for his masterpiece—the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. Before he began his final design, Gaudi was trying out new styles, which can be seen in his other buildings, such as Casa Mila.
   Gaudi designed Casa Mila to look like something from nature. He built it without any right angles or corners. Instead, Casa Mila, both inside and out, has many curves and arches. Because of these natural lines and the stone he used, Casa Mila was given the nickname La Pedrera, which means stone quarry in Spanish.
   At the time it was finished in 1910, many people thought he went too far because there was nothing like it at the time. For some neighbors, Casa Mila was ugly, and they thought it would lower the value of their property. However, other people saw the building as a grand work of art. They loved the fact that it showed the natural world. Since then, Casa Mila has stood the test of time and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists from all over the world come to see Gaudi's monument to his genius.

  1. right angle [ˈraɪtˌæŋgl] n. 直角
    angle [æŋgl̩] n. 角,角度;視角;立場
    The interior angles of a square are all right angles.
    * interior a. 內部的
  2. curve [kɝv] n. 曲線,弧線;轉彎處
    That dress really brought out Tina's curves.
    There are several curves on this road, so drive carefully.
  3. try out sth / try sth out  嘗試∕試用某物
    The next time I go jogging, I'll try out my new running shoes.
  4. corner [ˈkɔrnɚ] n. 角,角落;拐角處
    There are always people passing out free tissues on this corner.
    * pass out sth / pass sth out  分發某物
  5. natural [ˈnætʃərəl] a. 自然∕天然的;正常的
    Our new apartment has a lot of natural light.
  6. ugly [ˈʌglɪ] a. 難看的,醜陋的
    The amazing designer turned many ugly apartments into small palaces.
  7. stand the test of time  禁得起時間的考驗
    The works of Shakespeare have stood the test of time.
  8. site [saɪt] n. 地點,地方,場所
    You should keep a safe distance from the building site.

arch [ɑrtʃ] n. 拱(支撐橋梁或建築的弧形結構)
quarry [ˈkwɔrɪ] n. 採石場
heritage [ˈhɛrətɪdʒ] n.(文化)遺產,傳統
monument [ˈmɑnjənt] n. 紀念館∕碑∕塔
genius [ˈdʒinjəs] n. 天賦,天才

   高第將米拉之家設計得像是大自然的創造物。他在這座建築物中沒有使用任何垂直或是角的構造。相反地,米拉之家裡裡外外都有許多的曲線和弧形結構。由於這些自然線條與他所使用的石材的關係,米拉之家被取了「 La Pedrera」這個綽號,在西班牙文裡即是採石場的意思。
   這座建築在 1910 年完工時,許多人覺得他做得太過頭了,因為在當時並沒有像那樣的房子。對某些鄰居來說,米拉之家很難看,而且他們覺得它會拉低他們的房地產價值。然而,其他人則視這座建築為一件偉大的藝術作品。他們喜歡它所展現出的自然樣貌。從那時起,米拉之家歷經了時間的考驗,並在今日被列入聯合國教科文組織的世界遺產。來自世界各地的觀光客都前來一探見證高第天賦的這座紀念館。



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