A Phone with Smarts 智慧手機妙用多



    It is easy to find someone on the phone wherever you go. In fact, it is easy to find lots of people using their phones. Whether it is on the subway, in the park, or at home, we have become dependent on our phones. Thanks to smartphones, we are now able to do just about anything anywhere. They keep us entertained and connected. They can also help us with work and school, not to mention showing us the way to our destinations.

   Smartphones have really changed the way we live our lives. Whenever we need something, we usually reach for our phones first. For example, if we hear something interesting, we look up more information about it on the Internet. If we don't know what something is, we google it and find out. If we have no idea where a place is, we can get directions, photos, and sometimes even live video feeds in seconds. Because of all this, it can be said that smartphones are helping us learn. They amuse us as well. It is easy to watch movies, TV programs, and music videos when we are bored or commuting. Also, the countless games and apps that are available make it hard for people to be withou t their smartphones.

Words & Phrases

  1. be on the phone  (某人)正在講電話
    Mary was on the phone, so I waited until she finished to ask her my question.
  2. be dependent on...  依賴……
    dependent a. 依賴的,依靠的
    Even though Matt is 40, he is still dependent on his family for many things.
  3. entertain vt. 娛樂
    The singer entertained the crowd with popular songs from the past decade.
  4. not to mention...  更不用說……
    The child can't even write his own name, not to mention a whole sentence.
  5. look up.../look...up  查……(單字、資料等)
    You should look the word up in the dictionary if you don't know its meaning.
  6. amuse vt. 使開心;娛樂
    Tommy amused himself with his toys while his mother was doing the laundry.
  7. as well  也,同樣
    That rule is not only for Jason because you have to obey it as well.
  8. commute vi. 通勤
    commute between A and B  在 A 與 B 之間來回通勤
    Peter commutes between Taipei and Taoyuan by train every weekday.
  9. countless a. 無數的,數不盡的
    The new medicine could save the lives of countless cancer patients.

Extra Words
  1. subway n. 地下鐵
  2. video feed n. 即時影像
  3. program n. 節目



   智慧型手機的確改變了我們的生活方式。每當我們需要某些東西時,我們通常會先伸手拿手機。舉例來說,如果我們聽到一些有趣的事,我們就會上網找尋更多相關資訊。我們若遇到不懂的事情,就會用 Google 來搜尋答案。要是我們不知道某地點在哪裡,我們很快就能找到路線、照片、有時甚至還可取得現場的即時影像。由於上述的一切,智慧型手機號稱能助人學習。智慧型手機也能娛樂我們。我們感到無聊或在通勤時,可以輕易用它來觀看電影、電視節目、或是音樂錄影帶。此外,各種數也數不盡的遊戲和應用程式更使得人們幾乎離不開他們的智慧型手機。

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